About Siddhi

Welcome to Siddhi prakashan Pvt Ltd. we publish books since 1998.We are the leading publishing house of Gujarat.we publish study books which are helpful as well as easy learning for the students. We are always try to give best study material to the students.we are eagerly wait for your suggestions.

The Siddhi Team

Sumanbhai Patel (founder)

Mr.Sumanbhai patel was started the business of Education books in 1998.he was the person started their carrier as a teacher.he was head of department of geography in Uganda.he makes siddhi community very stronger and reliable. he was very responsible for company’s overall vision and strategy as well as day to day operations.he was the person who handle all the aspects of the company.

Shashikant Patel (Co-founder)

Mr.Shashikant patel is the person who is co-founder of this company.He is the person who handle all Marketing efforts and makes a company success.He done tremendous work for the company.

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